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Casino Zevs: do you need to register on the site of a gambling establishment?

by 4ra1admin

Personal account

Newcomers to the gambling world often ask themselves: “Why do you register on the online casino site?” . So, why is it important to have a personal account?:

Casinos without registration are 100% scammers.

Registration opens up new opportunities for the player, allows you to use all the functionality of the casino site.

Registration is a protection for casino users.

Opening an account allows you to play for real money and win a large amount of money.

What is necessary for successful registration on the Zeus online casino site? Firstly, first study the fields of the registration form, secondly prepare all the necessary personal information, thirdly be alone , fourthly  enter personal data in the lines of the registration form, fifthly  check all the data entered for errors and inaccuracies, sixthly  familiarize yourself with the rules and conditions of the casino, and finally, click the “Register” button.

The user must indicate the following data during the registration process: email address or phone number, password, promotional code, which can be found on partner sites, etc., as well as the currency in which all financial transactions will be conducted.

It is important to remember that all the entered information will be reflected in the player’s personal account and will be used by him in the game process for depositing / withdrawing funds, therefore it is necessary to exclude all errors and inaccuracies when filling out the registration form. Providing knowingly false information may lead to account suspension.

How to enter the personal account of Zeus casino? Personal Account Functions: You must click the “Login” button, a form will open in which the player must enter the email address or phone number by which the account was registered, enter a password known only to him.

Password must contain latin letters and numbers, as well as capital letters.

Zeus online casino customers can be persons who have reached the age of majority (18 years and older).

Functions of the personal account of a Zeus casino player

Registration allows users to use the functionality of the casino site in full:

Make the financial transactions: making a deposit, withdrawing money won.

Play all the games offered by the casino. Betting.

Participate in the bonus program of a gambling establishment.

Pass authentication, etc.

Users who refused to create an account can only play free versions of gambling, they can not play for real money, use casino bonuses and participate in the battle for a jackpot.

Before making a deposit for the first time, a player must indicate the missing personal data in a special section of his personal account.

In his account, the gambler can control the main and bonus accounts, view the payment history, select and activate bonus offers.

Customer safety is the main principle of Zevs online casino

You can play Zeus casino for real money without any fear for the safety of your personal data. All personal information provided by the owners of game accounts are subject to mandatory code encryption. The casino does not transfer personal data of its customers to third parties, does not disclose information about the state of the game account of gamblers.

Casinos take care of the safety and comfort of their customers, but in turn, users should:

Do not transfer the username and password from your account to third parties.

Come up with a complex password, consisting not only of Latin letters or numbers.

Do not save password in browser.

What should you do if your login details have been lost?

If the client has forgotten the password, he can restore access to his personal account using the help desk or just click the “Password recovery” button. Indicate an e-mail or mobile phone number, follow the instructions for restoring access to his personal account. In order not to have difficulties logging into your account if you lose your phone or if you can’t enter your email, you must verify it.

Verification in online casinos: is this mandatory procedure ?

Many players, mostly novices, try to avoid the verification procedure. In fact, there is nothing complicated and dangerous. Verification is a standard procedure for a casino. With its help, a gambling establishment is trying to protect itself and the client.

To apply for verification, you must provide a scan or photo of a passport or driver’s license, which clearly shows the name, first name, date of birth and photo of the account holder. The casino administration also has the right to require bank card information: a scan or photo from both sides, which shows the first six and last four digits of the card number, a screenshot of the electronic payment system account with the data of its owner. The casino has the right at any time to require the player to go through the verification procedure and provide the necessary documents for verification. Most often, this procedure is passed at the first withdrawal of funds from the game account. Also, verification can wait for those who won big.

Mirrors of Zeus online casino: is it necessary to re-register?

There are frequent cases when the main resource of a casino is blocked for one reason or another. In such cases, the client can continue the game process by clicking on the link to the working mirrors of the gambling establishment. The mirror fully copies the functionality of the official casino website, the only difference is in the domain name. To enter the mirror you will need to enter the login and password of a registered user. In the personal account, the player will find all his data, information about financial transactions and activated bonuses. Re-registration to enter your account is not needed. Where can you find a link to the working mirror of the Zeus online casino? You can use the search engine, search for the link in the letters of the newsletter, pre-save it in tabs.

All data entered on the casino mirror will be available in the personal account of the main site after the resumption of its operation.