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VIP club online casino – what is it?

by 4ra1admin

VIP  means “very important person”.

This is a person who enjoys special privileges that gives him high status. The VIP person of a casino can be anyone who regularly plays and makes large sums of deposit, and the client wins or loses, it does not matter, it matters how much he invests in the game.

VIP club online casino is a type of promotion for regular, gambling players. This is a special kind of gratitude from the casino to its customers. Almost all virtual gambling establishments assign a special (VIP) status to their active users. Such players enjoy a number of privileges that are not available to ordinary players.

Black VIP-club is a Zeus online casino loyalty program that improves some game conditions for gamblers with a certain experience. This is a closed community, members of which can regularly replenish the deposit, place bets and increase their status in the gambling club from Bronze to Black.

Achieving a VIP status is not so simple, but a continuous game allows each gambler to take his place of honor in the casino. A VIP player is a person applying for special services and additional incentives from a casino. Each user who has proven their loyalty to the gambling club can receive a special status in the Zeus casino:

Long registered on the casino website.

Repeatedly depositing funds to the game account.

Regularly playing and betting.

Each client of the gambling club starts the game with the status of “Newbie”, gradually increases it and reaches the top of Olympus – a special status of Black. It is important to note that each level of VIP status has its own premium conditions:

Bronze – from 000000 rubles;

Silver – from 000000 rubles;

Gold – from 000000 rubles;

Black – from 000000 rubles.

Players need to know – when assigning a high status, only replenishment of the account is taken into account, how much the player has withdrawn money, etc. doesn’t matter. VIP status is assigned to the user automatically. To understand what privileges are assigned to the client, he can contact the casino support service.

Conditions for obtaining VIP status at Zeus Casino

Black status is a special status, the last step in the online casino loyalty program. In order for the player to receive it together with the icon in the profile, a total of over 3,500,000 rubles must be deposited. The amount of money withdrawn does not count. Even those who have successfully beat the casino, leaving it in a deep minus, can claim the status of “Black”. The player must comply with the basic conditions of the gambling club in order to achieve a special status:

Age 18 years and older, the ability to document this;

To live in a country that is not included in the list of prohibited;

Follow the rules of the casino;

Do not have violations (fraud, multi-accounts);

The purity of financial transactions (non-hacked recharge cards, etc.).

There are no other restrictions for obtaining VIP status and joining the club.

Privileges for VIP Club Members of Zeus Online Casino

Having become members of the VIP-club of Zeus casino, players have the opportunity to receive additional gifts and other incentives, in addition to those that are included in the “Bonuses”, “Tournaments” and “Lotteries” sections, and their size grows with each level of Black VIP-Club status.

What do VIP clients get:

Participation in closed tournaments with expensive prizes – such events are available exclusively to players with a special status, and participation in them can bring such prizes as, for example, a premium car, etc.

Unique bonus offers include an increased percentage on cashback, a percentage on a deposit without a wager, and a number of others. Even after losing a large amount of money, the player still remains in the black, returning part of the money spent;

Personal manager – a manager from the casino support service, serving clients with VIP status, ready at any time, day or night, to answer any question via chat, skype or by phone, to provide all possible assistance in resolving difficulties, etc .;

Accelerated payments of large wins – an application for the withdrawal of available funds is processed out of turn, i.e. the manager begins to work with it as soon as it she entered. Such customers are offered to pass additional verification only if the administration suspects an account hack;

The ability to withdraw funds won in cash anywhere in the world;

Increased withdrawal limits;

Transfer anywhere in the world to Zeus Casino events;

Cash accruals and free spins for any deposit replenishment – the higher the status, the more bonuses.

A player with a special status has the right to refuse bonus benefits, gifts, etc. at any time. Direct communication with a personal manager allows you to do this as quickly as possible.

VIP status allows you to replenish your budget much faster and easier, it is enough to take an active part in tournaments with generous prizes. The game for VIP club members becomes an exciting process, a pleasant pastime, the opportunity to earn good money and cheer yourself up.

Membership in the VIP club is not only some material benefits, it is also moral satisfaction, it is an increase in one’s own self-esteem and faith in one’s continued success. Buying a VIP-status for himself, and a player, making money for a deposit, just buys it, he shows his attitude to a gambling club. In turn, the online casino thanks the gambler for their trust, and provides a comfortable game with a lot of additional features.

As has already been said many times, each player of the Zeus online casino has the right to receive a VIP status and become a member of the Black VIP club. For questions of improving the status and joining the club, you can contact the support service.